These photos are part of some of the infrared photos I took on a couple of road trips through California, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. Any of these photos can be purchased using the print bar at the bottom of this post.

IMG_3076e IMG_3092ee IMG_3098 IMG_3121e IMG_3159e IMG_3160-20x30 IMG_3231-11x14 IMG_3234 IMG_3237 IMG_3269-11x14 IMG_3281 IMG_3337 IMG_3367e IMG_3380e IMG_3381e IMG_3422e IMG_3434 IMG_3437 IMG_3441 IMG_3446ee IMG_3492ea IMG_3589b IMG_3590b IMG_3599b IMG_3600b IMG_3628b IMG_3634b IMG_3644b IMG_3650b IMG_3654b IMG_3661b IMG_3663b IMG_3682b IMG_3690b IMG_3696b IMG_3702b

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